Dogs living in Apartments

It is an ongoing argument with a lot of people. Apparently many many people assume that a small dog is better for an apartment! You know, it doesn’t matter what kind of dog you have. Running around in an apartment isn’t enough because they all need exercise!

So many people think that a big house and a yard is necessary to keep a dog happy. To me it’s nothing but a big cage and they still don’t get the exercise they need. Every dog needs to be exercised and to me it doesn’t matter what breed it is.

Some blame me because I have two big dogs in an apartment that is over a 100 square metre and they think that just because I don’t have a yard or a house my dogs couldn’t be happy.

Heck, I probably have the happiest dogs (not saying that other dogs are not happy) on this frickin post. I bike ride with them, go to the dog park, into the surrounding hills, drive to the Koenigsstuhl, Neckar Ufer and sometimes even to places where I have to drive half an hour or even longer to make them happy.
It doesn’t matter if they are in a big or small apartment, in a house or in a house with a backyard or even kept in a “Zwinger”. It’s important that your dog gets enough love & exercise and doesn’t spend 24/7 in his “cage”.

If you’ve never had a dog before, just make sure that you don’t get a high energy dog. They literally need a job and if you don’t have the time to give them what they need than go for another breed that fits your lifestyle better than an Australian Shepherd, for example. Even I wouldn’t want an Australian Shepherd because they have twice the energy than mine have.

So as long as your dogs are trained and exercised you’ve got happy dogs and I guarantee you that mine are so much happier than those little toy dogs that are carried around in a purse and have to o pee and poop into a litter box.