Yukon playing with Bones

Yukon and Bones are hilarious. They love to play with each other and Yukon is as gentle as he’d play with a puppy. I hate that we can’t keep him. I really really hate that we can’t keep Bones and that we have to take Yukons playmate away but there are only two pets allowed in Housing. We could try to get an exception of policy but even if we get one it wouldn’t be fair to Bones. He would be a house cat and wouldn’t be able to go outside. We live on a big, very big street and it would be to much of a risk to let him out. So we will give him to my parents place. That’s the best for him.
Yet,I still feel bad to take him away from Yukon. He loves that little cat so much and has so much fun with him. I would have never thought that those two guys would get along so well. But Yukon gets along with pretty much everyone. Doesn’t matter what kind of animal it is, he’s always gentle and playfull.