If you don’t have a babysitter, STAY HOME!

I am not a parent. I understand it can be stressful. We all went through childhood and I know what a hard time we gave my parents. One thing my parents never did was going to the movie theater and taking us to a movie we definitely should not watch as a kid. They have never been that selfish to let us watch a movie that would give us a nightmare. In Germany they wouldn’t let a 6 year old in a movie that is for a 16 year old.

Well, on post things seem to be different. One thing I have noticed is that parents bring their little kids to movies that they shouldn’t be watching at their age. Like yesterday… we went to the movie theater to watch Max Payne. It’s pretty violent and I guarantee it is not a movie for a 6 year old. These movies have a rating and there is a reason why they have a rating. What I don’t understand is that people can bring their babies, 3-6 years old to these movies and nobody says anything. I don’t understand why a parent would bring their 6 year old to a dark movie like that. The movie sucked but it was dark and violent enough to give them nightmares. A movie should never be more important than your kid. It’s just a movie. It’ll come out on DVD. You can either rent or buy it and watch it when your kids are in bed.
IF you don’t have a baysitter don’t go to the movies. Don’t bring your baby at a time like that to the theater and when he/she starts crying and screaming because it is so damned loud why don’t you do the rest of us a favor. LEAVE! Bring your baby home to bed because the movie theater is not a place for a baby and especially NOT a movie like Rambo or Max Payne! Be a good parent. DAMNIT!