I can’t figure it out! GRRRRRR!!!

So I have been working on the graphics for the blog. I added a third column, got the background from The Cutest Blog on the Block. Scrapbook stuff for the header from Digi Scrap Depot. I am using Paint.net to put everything together and it works just fine. There is just one thing I have not figured out yet. How do I make the background transparent? I tried everything but it never seems to work. Once I have it uploaded it has a white background but I want it transparent. Since I couldn’t get it transparent I simply copied the pink backround and used it as background for the header and the photo in the sidebar. It doesn’t look bad at all I just wished I knew how to get a transparent background in paint.net….

I have to get photoshop one of these days… paint.net is nice but it just isn’t photoshop…

Another thing that makes me go “GRRRRRR!!!” is to put a background in the post. I know how to put it in there but I don’t know of how to make it stretch itself. I want to get rid of the frame and have a paper background instead. It is not a problem to get one but it just doesn’t work the way I want it. I tried no-repeat and repeat but that doesn’t stretch it. I also put the bottom in there but that doesn’t work either…. GRRRRRRR!!!

I’ll figure it out eventually…


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