The Unit’s Basketball Season started

So I am just sitting here in the post’s gym and watching the guys warming up for todays game. There are all these black & gold banners on the wall showing the past wins of the Lady Generals. Softball Champions, Volleyball Champions of 97, 98 and Basketball Champions of 2002. They won a lot more but I am just too lazy to count them all plus my battery is about to die. There are not that many people on the bleachers as there were last week. I don’t know why, maybe it is just too early. Nevertheless the guys seem to be motivated. Q is shooting one ball after another and it looks like he is in a good rythm even though he didn’t eat a whole lot. Q is the number 25 today. They don’t have real uniforms. They want to get some and he would love to design them. You know, he is big on designing things. He is designing his second unit coin (he designed one when he was in korea and now he is designing one for his company) and wants to design those uniforms so bad. That’s my baby, always creative. He designed his own shoes, shirts, jerseys… I don’t know what else he designed but he is good at what he’s doing. He wants to get a degree in Graphic design and I am sure he can do it.

SGT R. is so funny; he asked me if I want to play Basketball with them. I just told him that I haven’t played in like 15 years and that they’d only lose with me and he was like “I haven’t played in 20 years… so what, it’s just a game.”

You gotta love these guys. Last time they won, I am positive they will win again today. One of the major keys of winning is having fun and from what I can see they have a lot of fun at this time.