Stop whining!

I just read this German blog where they talked about the current fiancial situation. It’s said that it is going to be worse than the big depression in the 30’s. That man that gave the interview is internationally recognized and known, still… something I noticed in Germany is: German people love to whine about anything and everything. I myself refuse to whine and complain. It’s rough times but what do they expect us to do? Moan? Cry or complain all day long? NO! I refuse to have a pitty party! If you want to pitty yourself…fine go ahead but don’t give me that feeling that I should feel pitty too. If that’s the case than I’d have to cry all day long and you know what? That is not going to happen!

I love to laugh, I love to have fun, I love to go out and I love to spend my money responsibly. If I need something I get it. If I want something and can afford it guess what, I buy it. If I can’t afford I just don’t get it. It’s as simple as that. I don’t have a credit card because I don’t need one. I get along fine with the debit card and paypal. I don’t need a big car, a big house to be happy because there is one thing I have learned, money doesn’t make you happy at all. I am grown up with lots and lots of money. It just doesn’t make you happy. Q makes me happy, every single day. Of course you need money to survive but we have enough for the both of us. We are not starving, we can go out once in a while, we can afford to buy something that we want even if we don’t need it and to put some money on the side. Financial crisis my ass. I am not saying that there isn’t a financial crisis. All I am saying is that people should stop moaning, whining and complaining about it because that doesn’t change anything at all. It is one more reason to stop watching the news. It just makes me feel miserable and I don’t like being miserable!