The Attack of the Shepherd

My friend from Dogs for Defense came out to last weeks SAR training. The training itself didn’t go as well as I thought it would. We reached a point where we definitely have to get more into the technical stuff. She knows how to search and she’s good at it now it’s me that has to step up to the plate and improve my search tactics but that is part of learning and the training.
Anyhow, after the training we had the dogs running together. My four and her Maliniois. Her brave husband was halfway down the field, she got Ronja ready and then he ran and she let go off her. Of course not only Ronja but all five of them chased him down the field. 
That being said, every single dog on that field has been worked in bitework and sadly a lot of people believe that dogs, that have been worked on a sleeve are evil attack dogs chasing running kids and people to attack which is just not the truth. A sound dog, with stable temperament an rock solid nerves, will not chase a running person and attack, no matter if it is a small kid or a full grown adult. 
A solid dog knows the difference between a friendly chase and a threat. 
When I was on the search in Rochester a guy from another team asked if my new dog was worked on the sleeve and I said “Yes, of course.” and he was like “I disagree with that, aren’t you scared that the dog attacks a running person?” 
Sadly, so many people have a misconception about Bitework and Schutzhund. For my dogs it’s a game. It’s not real. They are primarily worked in prey and not in defense. 
Anyhow, if you think that dogs that have been worked on a sleeve are evil attack dogs and will chase down any running person to take them down….watch and learn because it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Nala vom Kassler Kreuz arrived

Nala vom Kassler Kreuz arrived November 3rd of 2011 in the United States of America and boy is she beautiful. She’s petite yet muscular, very athletic, fast and intense. She’s got tons of drive, awesome conformation…

My friend from over at Dogs for Defense, watched the doggies (except for Judge who was with me) while I was on the road driving from Watertown to Washington Dulles.

I am so thankful that my American friends, who lived right opposite from us, in Heidelberg, took Nala with them. It made things a whole lot easier. I didn’t have to go through Petair and didn’t need a broker, plus, it was a whole lot cheaper.

Once my friends got off the plane we had to re-arrange the car, take the crate apart and went to my friends parents place to let the dogs run and to get me some coffee, eat something and chat for a little. 
Nala and Judge hit it right off, look at them go:
All she wanted to do was to run and run and run some more. She came off the plane, settled right in, listened perfectly to her name, she was so sweet and kind from the beginning, great around my friends babyboy, inspected their house, played with my friends dad…she was completely free in her behavior.

We got home late, it was like three or four in the morning when we finally pulled into the driveway. Thankfully Chris crated the others. To me it was important that Nala didn’t have deal with the others. We fell into bed and slept into the morning until the others woke us up with barking.

After they all were fed I let them together in the backyard, don’t mind the mess though. If you’ve got five dogs in a backyard it’s not going to be pretty and this year I really don’t worry about keeping it pretty, that is a project for next year LOL.

Anyhow, again… she settled right in. There is not a single mean bone or any type of dog aggression in her, which is very important for SAR. She’s so playful and wants to play with everybody and pretty much everybody wants to play with her.
Later on we went to Chris’s because I had to pick up the key. I had Nala and Yukon with me. There she made a new friend. Malinois Ronja and Nala pretty much got along well from the very beginning.

She is an awesome dog with lots and lots of drive. She’s pretty much perfect for any kind of work, naturally retrieves metal is very methodical in how she works out a problem.
I can’t wait to see how she will go from here and turn out with the upcoming training.