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Decisions, decisions, decisions…

… today was a day of many decisions.

However, I am vulnerable to colds and anginas. I can get it over night without warning. One day I am allright and the very next morning I am beat. The last winter was bad. Very bad but it got better throughout the year and I haven’t had any problems at all until I started working there. I have had this cough that I haven’t had in ages. Three days later I pinched a nerve in my back and my neighbour took me to the hospital. Another week later I had this weird breakout on my back which turned out to be a light form of dermatitis and can be treated. And yesterday I woke up with my voice pretty much gone, a sore throat and a very bad headache. I don’t know what it is but my body sent me signs and although I like my co-workers and manager, I love and hate my job the same time. I like it because I am good at what I am doing but at the same time I hate it because I don’t like the way they are doing business…

However, when I wanted to call in yesterday I realized Quasis phone isn’t working. So I sent them an email. I know, you shouldn’t send an email but I haven’t had a choice because Quasi was already on the way to Rothenburg and had my phone. That’s right, he had his last trip as a single Soldier.
I put the phonenumber of his phone in the email but they didn’t call me back and if they called I didn’t hear it or the call didn’t go through.

Today he had my phone with him because he needs a working phone. I didn’t feel any better. The funny thing is, the next two weeks are supposed to be leave, and two days before going on leave I got sick and I have the feeling that it is not going to better soon because the temperature is going up and down. I just hope I’ll be not sick during Christmas because we have planned a Christmas Dinner for the single Soldiers in the Barracks.

Anyway, I’ve made a decision. This situation is unacceptable for both sides. I don’t like being sick and begging to keep my job. Being on probation and worrying about losing a job I don’t even like doesn’t make me feel better at all. In fact it’s stress and I hate stress. I always get diarrhea from stress.

Don’t get me wrong my manager didn’t put me under stress. It was the job itself that stressed me out. Getting yelled at on the phone, people hanging up on me put me under stress because I took it personally. My co-workers said I shouldn’t let it get to me but I just couldn’t help it because it happened on a daily basis. Yet I’ve still been good at what I did. Isn’t it ironic that I am good at the job even though I hate it?

So I decided to quit. Many may say that it is stupid to quit because of the current financial situation. Screw that! I put my health first. If I don’t have a good feeling at what I am doing. The funny part is that so many huuuuge companies use these communicaton centers to make more money. They probably earn millions of dollars with that strategy but you are the one person that gets yelled at. It wasn’t all bad though. It was fun having success and being good at what you are doing. I just couldn’t take the yelling and being on the phone for eight hours a day. Call me a sissy, I don’t care.

So when Quasi got off work today I asked him about the situation and of how he feels about it. I still have not finished my degree and I want to get it so bad. So I asked him if he was fine with me working part time and going back to school. He said “Honey, it’s my job to support you, it’s the whole idea.”

Gawsh, I love that man from all my heart… even though he is talking to his xbox when he is playing prince of percia HAHAHA!!!

Aaaanyway… there is another decision we have made. I am with Soldiers’ Angels for years now and I mean literally for years. I love this organization and made many friend throughout the world. We, Quasi and me are going to adopt a Soldier together and I am so thrilled. I haven’t adopted an American Soldier in quite a while. Worked a lot with british troops and haven’t had a chance to adopt an American. It’s so much fun to put packages together. I love going shopping for Soldiers and I can’t wait to do our first “Soldier Shopping” WOHOOOO!

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At work…

Yesterday my project manager told me that we would get a new project. It’s the 5th project as of yet. All projects were in the name of 5 IT companies. All having a biiiig name (no not Microsoft). .In a way I like it. It is different from anything I have done before and surprisingly I am doing a damned good job.

The past week they sent (all in all) 16 co-workers home because of the “current situation”. I am not sure if it was because of the financial situation or rather because they sucked at their job because they are actually looking for new people…

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Sheeesh….I can’t be everywhere at the same time

So I really don’t know how to work and to support my fiancee the same time. This week is pretty stressful. My dress wasn’t the one I really ordered but we don’t have the time to send it back so I had to bring it to alteration. Since the ball is thursday I had to take half the day off but still make sure that I get the 35 hours together. So I had the idea to work longer than I actually wanted on thursday, skip the hairdresser, change at the office and go straight to the castle from there. Than I get the news that Q will be re-enlisting on thursday and he likes me to be there, but I don’t have to. It wouldn’t be a big of a deal if I can’t make it and he knows that I support him nontheless. He may have said that it is not a big of a deal but of course he wants me to be there but he also understands if I can’t make it. Of course I want to be there hell, I want to support him. So I, again, re-arranged the schedual and talked to my project manager pretty sure he would chop my head off because I am asking for so much. So I worked long hours today, am working very long hours tomorrow and on Friday. I don’t even know when or how we make it back from the ball, all I know is that I have to be back at work at 0800 Friday morning.

Oh yeah and tomorrow is that basketball game of his unit at 2000 and of course he wants me to be there too. I would love to be there and see him playing but I don’t know how long a basketball game is and I have to be at work at 0800, means I have to get up between 0400 and 0430. We are not married yet but I already get an idea of what it is like to be an army wife. It seems to be a full time job. I know what I get myself into, don’t get me wrong but I have a job. My counselor said I have to set priorities but the Army (I figured) will probably be priority No.1 and I have no idea of how to explain that to him. My project manager is cool with everything. I am doing a great job but I don’t know for how long it can be like that. All the exception I am asking for. I fullfill my contract with working 35 + hours a week. I don’t even want to think about the two weeks after we got married. I probably have to take them off because of all the paperwork that has to be done. The move and everything… I love supporting him I really really do. I love doing all this I just wished this week would be over…

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