Christmas Dinner for our single Soldiers

I just finished decorating the Dinner Table and made the best use of what I had. I hope that the dinner will turn out as good as the Turkey Dinner we had Thanks Giving.


For dinner I am going to cook ham (pot roast), chicken breast for those that don’t like pork, potatoes, bread dumplings, red cabbage and gravy. Quasi wants his macaroni and cheese and some dirty rice. I have no ideas what the others are going to bring but I am sure we will have enough food to satisfy everybody.

The stockings are sponsored by some very nice TLC Angels from Soldiers’ Angels. I filled them with three oranges, an aple, nuts and candy. That is what my mom always put into the Nikolaus bag for us so I thought it would be nice to have the same for our single Soldiers.


Christmas Gift Wrapping

We just got back from volunteering for the Christmas Gift Wrapping. SFC picked SGT L., me and my fiancee (SGT K.) up to give us a ride. First of we didn’t really have anything to do. After SFC E. wrote some banners and SGT L. hung them up outside more and more people came to get their gifts wrapped. I am not really good at wrapping. When it comes up to that I have got two left hands but I am pretty good with ribbons so they did the wrapping and I took care of the ribbons.

An Army Wive brought a cart full of presents and kept us pretty busy…

After the wrapping. Nice ribbons, huh? 😉

My very last ribbon of the day. I was so busy, I didn’t even notice how fast the time went.

SFC E. and my fiancee Q are obviously enjoying themselves.


SFC E. all creative 🙂

We raised a total of $75 for the FRG.

It was great and I had so much fun doing this. What truly impressed me was that somebody bought us tons of food just because we were volunteering. That was a great and very nice gesture, something I have never experienced before.