Defcon SG Rating

Defcon von den Sturmfalken earned his SG rating under Judge Heidi Theis at the Southern New Hampshire Working Dog Club. Congratulations Betty and Defcon.


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DeJa Vu aus dem Tal OFA Results

Our DeJa Vu aus dem Tal received her OFA rating. She received Excellent Hips and Normal Elbows. We are so proud of our little girl that is currently residing with our friends in Wisconsin to get her IPO1 title.

We plan on breeding her to our Athos von den Sturmfalken in Fall 2019.

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E Litter – von den Sturmfalken



Born April 28th, 2018

SG Urek (Orry) vom Sitz von der Hose IPO3 x BRUNA VON DEN STURMFALKEN IPO1

4 Males x 2 Female puppies

DN54883201 SG Essayons von den Sturmfalken AD USJ PawPrint DNA Panel
DN54883202 Edge von den Sturmfalken
DN54883203 Eddard von den Sturmfalken RATN
DN54883204 Eros von den Sturmfalken CGC, BH PawPrint DNA Panel 
DN54883205 Encore von den Sturmfalken CGC, CGCA, CGCU, Odor Recognition
DN54883206 Eero von den Sturmfalken Area Search & Rescue in NC



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This combination promises well rounded and versatile dogs with an excellent temperament and a lot of spunk. Orry is an “Iron von den Woelfen” and “Nike vom Sitz von der Hose” son and a full brother to “Quai vom Sitz von der Hose“. This combination has proven to produce versatile and healthy dogs. Orry is Deb Zappias new competition dog and will absolutely go places. He is driven, intense and drop dead gorgeous. We saw Orry for the first time when he was 10 months old and knew that we eventually want to breed to him. Every single plan we had didn’t work out and so the stars aligned themselves and the Universe has spoken. We can’t wait to see what this litter is going to produce.

This is going to be Brunas second litter. In her first litter with Veus vom Smaragdwald she has produced outstanding temperaments and rock solid nerves and environmental stability. The majority of the litter went into IPO homes and is showing great promise as they progress and mature. Bruna herself has a very high hunt drive and possession, she’s aloof and has an incredible food drive. She is a very balanced dog with a super off switch. Between what her full brother Athos produces, what we got out of Bruna and what we know Iron x Nike produces, we are very confident that this combination will produce very versatile dogs with a high pack drive, high food drive, genetically confident dogs that are suitable for pretty much anything.

Sire’s pedigree Dam’s pedigree
Falk von den Woelfen 4 4
Ahron von Granit Rose 5 4,5
Fina vom Hainpark 5 5



For more information about this litter please contact us.


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D Litter

Veus vom Smaragdwald x Bruna von den Sturmfalken
Pedigree – Mating Check

Born: March 23rd, 2017
Litter Size: 6 Males and 2 Females

DN49842001 OFA GOOD/NORMAL SG Defcon von den Sturmfalken BH
DN49842002 Deegan von den Sturmfalken FO
DN49842003 OFA GOOD/NORMAL Direwolf von den Sturmfalken BH
DN49842004 Dragonfly von den Sturmfalken (Active Pet)
DN49842005 Da’Priest von den Sturmfalken (Active Pet NC)
DN49842006 OFA GOOD/NORMAL Dante von den Sturmfalken BT
DN49842007 Dakota von den Sturmfalken (Active Pet PA)
DN49842008 Dixie von den Sturmfalken (Active Pet PA)









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Dolf von Haus Dülfer

19265155_10154423041226432_171851604_nSire: Champ vom Schloss Birkenstein
Dam: Peppy von der SchiffslachePaw Print Pedigrees Dog Seal
Born: 05/24/2010
HD/ED: Hips Fast Normal – Normal Elbows
Dentition: Full
SV: SZ 2252569
Titles: IPO 2   Show Rating: V

Dolf’s story is quite an interesting one. It’s the type of story movies are made out of. Dolf was bred by my good friend Anja Dülfer in Germany and sold as a puppy to an elderly handler. His handler turned out to be very oldschool and long story short, he ended up abusing Dolf at an IPO 2 trial to the point where Dolf suffered facial burns. His handler was caught and convicted of Animal Cruelty, kicked out of his club and the SV. Dolf was sold overseas to a company that specializes in selling expensive Personal Protection Dogs. He was sold to Texas. The family gave him to a Bomb Dog Handler who trained him as an Explosives Detection Dog. Upon deployment his handler was looking for a new home. Someone googled his name and found his story. The nice Bomb Dog Handler contacted Anja and returned him for free. Anja left Dolf in my ownership and care.

Dolf is a phenomenal dog and exactly what a German Shepherd Dog is supposed to be. He’s aloof, yet social, he’s great with children, extremely handler hard yet super engaged. He loves to work and would do so until he drops, yet has a super off switch in the house. He’s driven, intense, hard, has incredible hunt drive, civil when needed and you truly don’t have to worry about walking through a dark alley with Dolf by your side. He has super structure with good bone and a nice masculine head. He is also quite the mover.

I am very proud that we have been entrusted with such an awesome dog and we will sure use Dolf for future breedings. Dolf will also be available as stud to approved females.

Dolf von Haus Dulfer from Sandra King on Vimeo.

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