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I miss my friends…

The first friend I made around here was Scott. We became friends quickly and hang out a lot together. He is with the military and we met in a bar close to post and the student dorm I first lived in. We were very close. That was before I got to know Quasi. Through Scott I met Tom and Tom was the one who introduced me to Quasi.

Scott and me did a lot of stuff together. We traveled a lot and I saw places that I haven’t seen before even though I lived in Europe most of my life.

incredible view

We went to Switzerland, Lichtenstein, France, Luxembourg and Austria. He took me to my first real Rock Concert (KISS) and we went out a lot. He was my best friend here in town.


I knew he would not stay in Germany and he PCS’ed back to the States a couple of months ago. We are in almost daily contact but I miss him. I honestly miss my friend and I miss my friends from Muenster…. sigh…

I talk to my friends from Muenster almost on a daily basis too but it’s just not the same. I haven’t seen them in over a year and I hoped we could celebrate New Years together. Unfortunately we can’t make it. Instead we are probably going to the bowling center.

Last year I was working in the very same bar where I got to know Scott, Tom and Quasi, so I shouldn’t complain. However, I wished I could hang out with some of my Muenster friends.


Please don’t get me wrong. I am not in love with any of them. I know there are a lot of spouses out there who don’t agree with the fact that a woman can have guy friends. I have and it will never change. I love them to death and miss them greatly.
I know I will make new friends. I am a very open, love to socialize but am a little picky when it comes up to friends. I need to be able to trust somebody before I call him/her a friend but I guess that is human.

Thought of the Day:

Here below to live is to change, and to be perfect is to have changed often.

-John Henry Newman

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He got me an ACU stocking

Isn’t he the sweetest guy ever?
When he went to the PX today he saw an ACU stocking and got it for me. So now I have my very own ACU Christmas Stocking… hahaha…I love it!!!


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Our first date

I just went through my pictures to delete those I don’t need. I forgot I took pictures from our very first date. We never went on a date before we became a couple. We just hung out with friends or met accidently on the street. We started emailing each other when he went on TDY and when he came back we became a couple. We just never had a date until that one night when we decided to go on one. We went downtown for window shopping, had some slush ice, it was around november so it was way to cold and it gave me a brainfreeze too and I was like “Brainfreeze, brainfreeze…uuuuuh brainfreeze…” I wanted to be brave yet I bounced up and down yelling “Brainfreeze…” all over the place. People started to stare at us but we both didn’t really care about it anyway.


We walked around the cathedral and there is this small place which is part of a restaurant opposite the cathedral that I love. It is directly build into the cathedral and only big enough for maybe two or three couples. It is so very romantic and I so want to go there one of these days. The picture says it all, doesn’t it?


On our way back we went to a cosy restaurant to have dinner. I would recommend this place for this date.


It gives you this warm fuzzy feeling with all its carvings, ornaments and decorations. It is the perfect place when you’ve been outside in the cold for a while.


A beautiful place for a first date, isn’t it?


After dinner we went back to the tram station. I didn’t notice that I forgot my ticket and we were caught with no ticket of all days and had to pay € 80 because of that.

Except for the “getting caught on tram” part it was one of the best dates I have ever had in my life, especially going for window shopping and to pretend to be billionaires. That was a lot of fun.

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Love the updo

So my friend C made sure I would go to the hairdresser with her. She wanted to make sure I look nice because she knew I was going to be recognized by the Army. C is a Soldier herself and serving with Q. However we went to the hairdresser and I got a nice and beautiful updo. I love love loved it and felt so bad when I had to undo my hair.

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An amazing night

You know what, last night was one of the most amazing nights I have ever had in my life.
Q re-enlisted yesterday. First they wanted to do it before the Christmas Social but than they changed plans to do it during the Christmas social end everybody knew I was going to be recognized too but wouldn’t tell me. I did not know until the retention NCO said (he was sitting with us) that I would have to get up because they have a gift for me.

After the raffle and the first short speech the Battalion Commander called Q and I had to follow. So we were in front of the entire battalion including wives, some kids, civilians and waiters and they were all looking at us. The Battalion Commander swore Q into the Army and than he asked me to step forward. He introduced me to all these people as Q’s fiancee, that we’d get married soon and thanked me for all the support and that he hopes that I would keep on supporting him for many many many more years. I was so nervous, excited and thrilled that I barely got a word out.. Than he gave me a certificate of appreciation and shook my hand. Everybody applauded and congratulated us. So I have official order from the Batallion Commander himself.


The dress turned out great after it got altered. People walked up to me saying they’d love that dress. The colors are very festive and it is definitely an eye catcher especially since so many women wore black that night.

I think I am safe to say that his re-enlistment was special and very unique. Not everybody can say that he did it at the Christmas social in a castle in front of so many people. I am sure he will never forget that. I know I never will.

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