Steeple Chase

Hubbys Battalion had the first steeple chase. One reason to do that was to show the new people how to get around by public transportation and teach them something about the local history. I didn’t use the train because I wanted to bring the dogs. So I met them at the bus station half way up the “mountain”. Since we went hiking and both of them are well behaved why shouldn’t I bring them? I would have definitely felt bad to go on a hike and leave them at home.


The weather was awesome, I think it was the first real spring day of the year. The plan was to hike to the St.Michael Monestary and Thingstaette.

In front of the Thingstaette.

Inside the Thingstaette. And yep those are the stairs we’ve been walking up.

It was awesome and I loved being out there. I know I am not as fit as all the Soldiers but I made it all the way up there and when we had to go up the stairs I wasn’t doing bad at all. However, the dogs were doing great. They wanted to explore the place so bad, I know they would have loved to be off the leash and just go on adventures, exploring the place, sniffing and checking out the place.

Resting at the monestary.


The dogs had a lot of fun. Especially Zenzy wanted to be in the middle of everything. She is curious and nosy, wants to inspect and see it all and just loooooves the attention. Like yesterday for example. I took her out to do some obedience training and some of the neighbor kids were out there to. They immediately wanted to pet her and she just loved the attention. She laid flat in the grass and enjoyed being petted by the girl.

Both of them did really good and I am so proud of them that I can actually take them to events like that.

The view from the top of the tower.

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